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City Park Construction is a concrete services company and a commercial/industrial painting company that specializes in commercial concrete ground-ups, concrete repairs & replacements, and exterior tilt-wall painting applications.

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Concrete Services

  • Turnkey pavement construction
  • Site work construction
  • Pavement repairs
  • Curb repairs
  • Saw cut, demo, and removal
  • plumbing pourbacks and trenching
  • interior slab repairs
  • Elevated slab repairs
  • ADA slope compliance
  • ADA and dock ramp construction
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • New construction foundation and slabs
  • Route and seal cracks in pavement
  • Striping
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Painting & Property Services

  • Exterior tilt wall repaints
  • New construction commerical painting
  • Hand rail installion and refinishing
  • Gutter installation and maintenence
  • Dock doors
  • Man doors
  • Canopies
  • Awnings
  • Tilt-wall joint sealant replacement
  • Miscellaneous welding
  • Metail stairs and landings repaint and refinishing
  • Power washing
  • Acid washing
  • Sand Blasting
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Lighting Services

  • Retrofit existing T12's to T8's, T5's, or LED's
  • Re-ballast & re-lamp existing fixtures
  • Energy consumption savings calculations
  • Tax incentive calculations
  • ONCOR rebate procurement

Dallas Concrete Services

Our Dallas concrete services cover everything from concrete repair to commercial construction and resurfacing. We use high grade ready mixed concrete for exceptional results, and can pour concrete at any location with tight spaces and small sites! From lining and trenching for drainage to building bases, parking lots and roads, City Park Construction carries out a huge array of concrete services. We can also supply those all-important finishing touches, from signage to striping and safety barriers.

Professional concrete repair by skilled contractors

You can be sure that City Park Construction only uses the highest standard of concrete in all our work, so it will last for years to come. We work to all required safety and performance standards, and can offer ADA compliant adaptations to any building of any size. Additionally, we supply signs and offer painting services to ensure that your building meets its visitors' needs and looks breath taking for prospective tenants.

From cutting and sawing to crushing and recycling, our concrete demolition team gets rid of all unwanted materials and leaves your surfaces cleared, prepped, and ready for new materials to be laid. Furthermore, we construct paving slabs and fit drop curbs and high curbs, which make access safer for your tenants and allow vehicles to easily enter and exit your property.

Painting and Property Services

Our Dallas and Fort Worth commercial painting crews offer great value and a fast, friendly service, leaving your buildings and your iron and steel fittings looking fantastic and protected against the elements. Our commercial painting team leaves your property looking as good as new and delivers a consistent, even finish on all work.

Specialist commercial painting in Fort Worth and Dallas

Whether we're removing your old paintwork, cleaning up painted surfaces or adding a fresh new coat to a newly finished building, we guarantee a high quality result every time. Using the best materials and safe, reliable methods, we can carry out everything from shot and sand blasting to jet washing and powder coating.

Our experts offer a tilt wall repaint service that's ideal for commercial and industrial buildings such as storage facilities, warehouses, office buildings, retail centers, and manufacturing plants. You can be sure of a smooth painted finish with a durable, weatherproof, and long lasting result: we use safe techniques, state of the art equipment and top materials from leading suppliers.

Lighting Services

Is the lighting in your industrial or commercial building safe and suitable for its purpose? Are hazards well illuminated, and are your emergency exits and warnings lit for easy use? Having the right lighting in your commercial premises is vital if you want to keep your staff and visitors safe, and if you want to keep your building in line with current fire and safety standards.

Getting a lighting retrofit that converts existing T12s or Metal Halides to t8s, t5s, or low-energy LEDS to give the same high performance with a lessened power output – great for cost saving! City Park Construction has trained and fully qualified electrical specialists on hand to provide a professional consulting service. Don't lose money on wasted energy: our lighting systems give you high performance lighting at no compromise on safety and production.

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